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Heartland Youth Rugby League


Mainly Sundays, March 2nd through May 18th
Blue Valley Recreation Complex – Field 26 – 137th & Antioch
Boys & Girls grades 2nd - 8th. No Experience Necessary.
$85 - BOYS ONLY TACKLE - For 6th, 7th & 8th Grades ONLY.
$65 - Flag Rugby - For Boys & Girls - 2nd thru 8th Grades.
Parents can purchase all uniforms and gear from Heartland Rugby Supply
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  Heartland Youth Rugby
Heartland Youth Rugby
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The goal of our Non-Contact Flag Rugby League is to introduce young players to the game of rugby, while incorporating its traditions of sportsmanship, and ultimately having fun. This co-ed league will consist of three, school-grade divisions. There will be the Pony Division (2nd & 3rd grades), Colt Division (4th & 5th grades), and the Mustang Division (6th, 7th & 8th grades). Each division plays a variation on the game with its own specific rules and procedures.

Our Contact Rugby League for 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Boys (Hawk Division), will introduce young players to the game of rugby, while incorporating the tackle aspect of the game. Since tackling in rugby is much different than any other contact sport, there will be a big emphasis on coaching the proper technique of making, and taking tackles. Our goal is that players learn the contact game of rugby, but most importantly are safe. All Contact players will be required to play with a Scrum Cap and Mouthpiece. In addition, all Contact rugby players will also play in the Non-Contact league to help them get a full understanding of the game. The Hawk Division will play a variation of the contact game with its own specific rules and procedures.

If you have any questions, please email us at Heartland Youth Rugby.

  Heartland Youth Rugby
Heartland Youth Rugby was formed to promote the growth and development of youth, through the sport of rugby.  Our goal is to help them develop the positive life lessons of physical fitness, teamwork and leadership, while learning the game of rugby.  In addition, we want to increase the number of youth rugby players, and decrease the age of first-time participants.

Over the next few years, our plan is to develop more youth rugby players through various camps, clinics and academies.  We also intend to promote the inclusion of Rookie Rugby into the P.E. curriculums of elementary and middle-school programs.  All of this will lead to the formation of both non-contact and contact leagues, which will provide a competition structure for youth rugby in the Kansas City area.



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